5 creative gentlemen must haves

I think there’s not more important place for a man than his office. Always wood gives a masculine environment, warmth and calm, so that’s why I always bought wooden tables, love to see the veins”.

So,  in our gentlemen must haves top 5 for today:

Gentlemans dialy (2)

  • 1) Wacom Bamboo tablet: Makes your job easier, not only to draw, also to office tasks: selections, multiple clicks (definetly is what you need working with “followback” at twitter). 
  • 2) Notes: It’s really important to take them if you need that, on a polite and classy notebook. It would be very hilarious if talking with a costumer you write in a one with puppies. This one from Yves Saint Laurent.
  • 3) The wallet: Ok, I know it’s obviously is a every single men must have. But, what can you do to make yours different? I chose this one because of the silver plate by Tous.
  • 4). The golden book: All number phones you can target, you must target. Is the basis of every successful business. It’s all about building your data base. (Be careful no one wants to be papped on the bad way just to have his number) 
  • 5). The magic wand: Have you never tried to sign with a Montblanc? It’s like handshake, talks about how professional you are.

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